Social Psych & Religion Postdoc & PhD opportunity

An outstanding opportunity from Dr. Vassilis Saroglou: Social psychological research on positive emotions and spirituality: Two research positions at the University of Louvain Two research positions, one for a Postdoc and the other for a Ph. D. student, in the (social) psychology of positive emotions and religion/spirituality are open at the University of Louvain, Department of Psychology, Centre for Psychology of Religion (www.uclouvain/psyreli). The positions are full time, last two years, start from October/November 2012, and imply working in Louvain-la-Neuve (University’s town). The research focuses on the understanding of the emotion of awe, comparatively to other emotions, and implications of awe for spirituality and related individual and social outcomes (humility and prosociality). It implies the use of experimental methodology typical of social psychology and psychology of emotions. The project is funded by a John Templeton Foundation grant. The monthly net is about 1,600 euros (PhD student) and 2,100 euros (Postdoc) and the fellowships additionally include social security. Publications in international journals are a prerequisite for the postdoc position applications. French is welcomed but not indispensable. Applications (CV and letter of motivation) are to be sent to Prof. Vassilis Saroglou (vassilis.saroglou /at/ uclouvain.be) by September 30, 2012. You can use the same email address for more information.

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