Conference: Bioethics & Entheogens

From Tom Roberts comes this message: April 26-27, 2012, near Madison, Wisconsin Treat your intellect. Next Thursday and Friday the bioethics conference (below) will feature people and programs who are described in the NYTimes Sunday Magazine article on using psychedelics to prepare for death (online yesterday, hardcopy forthcoming tomorrow). Among them:
Stanislav Grof. In my estimation, Grof will eventually hold a place in the study of the mind parallel to Galileo's in astronomy.
William Richards is the head session monitor for the Johns Hopkins psilocybin studies. His professional experience goes back to the Good Friday Experiment, 50 years ago yesterday.
Jeff Guss is co-director with Stephen Ross of the Bellevue-NYU Medical School study.
Charlie Grob, who is featured in the article, spoke last year, will probably be there this year too. Enjoyable to chat with.
The conference is hosted in the quite comfortable grounds of Promega Corp. just south of Madison in Fitchburg. The Quality Inn is the nearest overnight accommodation; mention the conference for lower group rates.
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