APA Div. 36 Mid-Year Conference

The APA Division for the Psychology of Religion has announced the slate of invited speakers for its conference to be held Feb. 29 - March 1 at Loyola College in Maryland. The list includes:

  • Merle Jordan: All Psychotherapy is Clinical Theology

  • James W. Jones: Violence on the Mind -- Violence, Religion and Contemporary American Christianity

  • Annette Mahoney: Marriage and Pregnancy through the Lens of the Sacred: A Descriptive Study of a Community Sample of Pregnant Married Couples

  • Lee Kirkpatrick, author of the fascinating and groundbreaking book, Attachment, Evolution, and the Psychology of Religion

  • Raymond Paloutzian, co-editor of Handbook of the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality and editor of The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion.

There will also be a pre-conference, held Feb. 28. It will include:

  1. Healing Emotional Affective Response to Trauma (HEART), A Christian Model for Working With Traumatized Clients
    Presented by Benjamin B. Keyes

  2. Sexuality and Spirituality: Challenges to Integration from a Clinical Perspective
    Presented by Sheila Harron

  3. Trauma, Resilience and the Spirit
    Presented by Maria Mouratidis

  4. Helping Clergy Achieve Healthy Psychological Integration
    Presented by James Burns and David Marcotte

  5. A Cognitive-Theological Approach to Supermodern Anxiety
    Presented by Kirk Bingaman

  6. Evidence Based Clinical Practice with Religious and Spiritual Issues
    Presented by William L. Hathaway

  7. Working With Groups From Beginning to End: Creative Activities to Use Purposefully in All Stages of Group Development
    Presented by Joan Saltman

  8. Clinical Research from a Spiritual and Religious Perspective
    Presented by Brian McCorkle

Go to Loyola College in Maryland for more information about this conference.

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