Depression and Saudi Family Values

An interesting news item appeared in Arab News. According to Dr. Parisa Saed Al-Hashem, a clinical psychologist, approximately 1.5 million Saudis experience depression. (Saudi Arabia presently has approximately 26 - 27million population.) In the Arab News article, Dr. Al-Hashem's indicates that a lack of support for women is a primary factor in this mental health problem. Examples she cites include police who simply return a woman seeking help to the husband from whom she is seeking refuge, and women who are displaced when the husband takes a new, younger wife, a practice that is allowed in Saudi Arabia.

It is an interesting, brief article, and worth a quick visit. I searched for more information about Dr. Al-Hashem, but did not see any useful information. If you happen to know more about her or her research -- or if, in fact, she conducted research or is merely estimating these figures -- I would appreciate hearing from you.

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