Taliban and Teens on Frontline

I'm a big fan of the Frontline series on public television. They recently aired two segments that are simply excellent, one on the Taliban and the other on teenagers.

If you are interested in religious extremism and its social consequences, then Frontline's Return of the Taliban is a must-see site. You will find informative essays, interviews with key world and Taliban figures, and the entire program to view online. There is also a teacher's guide that will give you ideas on how to use it in your class. Although it is intended for high school social studies classes, it can stimulate your own thinking on how you might implement the video in other settings. Once again, Frontline has done an excellent job.

Inside the Teenage Brain is another fine Frontline production. The show offers a fascinating look at neuroscientific research on brain development and its impact on teenagers' decisions. If you have ever been puzzled by a teenager's actions, watch this episode and you will understand why. Or, at least, some of the reasons why! Like the Taliban program, you can read about the research behind the program, as well as watch the program itself. Fascinating stuff!

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