Conversation between Haggard & Dawkins

You can view a discussion between Christian evangelist Ted Haggard and scientist Richard Dawkins at this YouTube page. Whether you find yourself more on one side of the issue or the other, or perhaps you are simply an interested observer, you'll be interested in the video.

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Anonymous said...

this clip is from "the root of all evil", a two part documentary by dawkins which aired in the uk on channel 4. i recommend it.

it seems difficult to find videos which are similarly critical of religion in general, but are any good dvds or videos available which critically address religion from a psychological vantage point? (your video list isn't what i have in mind, however you may want to add "jesuscamp" to that list.)

richard dawkins now has a new website, and has started a new foundation (RDF).


The interesting thing about dawkins is that he's not a psychologist, yet he's doing psychology by noticing the indoctrination of children, and how it might be a form of psychological child abuse.

Are there psychologists which are courageous enough to point out the "bad" of religion? (or "bad" to "good" ratios?)

btw, i appreciated your paper on mormonism, and i recall the APA formally apologizing to the LDS church due to a video containing criticism of it's immensely psychological effective missionary training program as "brainwashing". i haven't seen that film or material, and it certainly contained unwarrented statements, but is pysch of religion retarded by the fear of offending religious adherents? are there fearless psychologists?