End of World Predicted. Again.

Yes, another group is waiting for the end of the world. Harold Camping, founder of Family Radio, and his followers expect the world to end May 21st, two weeks from today. This story from NPR notes that Camping predicted the end September 6, 1994, but as you and I can tell, he was mistaken. Camping explains it by saying that he hadn't taken into account the message in the book of Jeremiah. It seems to me, however, that he hasn't taken into account the Book of Festinger, Reicken & Schachter.

Join me with popcorn in hand as we wait two weeks for another demonstration of cognitive dissonance.


RTC said...

Awesome! We should put together some live blog or live chat for that night. It would be even more fun if we could get someone inside their group that day to update our observer group about the believers' response, just like Festinger did!

Doug Doan said...

Shameless plug for the article I wrote about Camping's prediction. http://inerrantopinion.blogspot.com/2011/05/jesus-is-coming-back-on-may-21st.html