Call for Papers: Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Call for Papers

The Journal of Behavioral Medicine invites authors to submit abstracts (150
words) to be considered for inclusion in an upcoming special issue on the
topic of "Spirituality in Behavioral Medicine Research." Abstracts must
report actual (not promised) results from empirical studies on the relevance
of spirituality and religion to health psychology and behavioral medicine.
Preliminary results from ongoing investigations will be considered.

This special issue will address the question of how and why spirituality and
religion are relevant to behavioral medicine. Authors will identify
potential mechanisms by which spiritual beliefs and practices impact upon
human health and illness. Studies will (a) utilize theoretically-based
measures of spirituality and religion; (b) involve examinations of
moderation and mediation; (c) utilize experimental methodologies; and/or (d)
describe the integration of spiritual or religious content into
psychological and medical interventions.

Invitations to submit full-length papers will be extended to up to six
papers. Abstracts received prior to February 28th, 2010 will receive full
consideration. Submissions and inquiries should be directed to David H.
Rosmarin at drosmarin@mclean.harvard.edu or (617) 910 7790.

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