File it under "Irony"

Maybe this is just a new way to screen for OCD, but the new edition of the APA Style Manual, published a few months ago, includes what the APA gently calls "nonsignificant typos." An article at Inside Higher Ed reports many people are calling for replacement copies of the style manual, which seems reasonable to many people. But not to APA, which surely makes big money from its sales. Given that the APA council of representatives are reported to have spent a great deal of time discussing the organization's finances, I don't imagine you will be able to return your copy of the style manual for a replacement.

I do like the suggestion of one person who commented at the Inside Higher Ed article, that the APA could put a corrected copy online. I like the suggestion, but of course that's different than saying I expect it to happen.

You can view the list of corrections here.

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Jonathan said...

Thanks, Dr. Nielsen! We're going to add a link to the corrections from the library catalog entry, as well as a label inside each of our 5 copies of the book with the URL for the corrections. Alas.--Jonathan Harwell, Collection Development & Assessment Librarian @ Georgia Southern