Aarhus University PhD Opportunities

PhD scholarships and fellowships

The Graduate School of Theology and the Study of Religion at the Faculty of Theology, Aarhus University invites highly qualified applicants to apply for admission to a PhD scholarship or fellowship commencing 1 February 2010 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The Faculty’s current research strengths are in a wide range of subject areas, including Biblical Studies; Church History and Practical Theology; Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, and Dogmatics; Religion and cognition; Sociology of Religion; World Religions; and Arab and Islamic Studies.

About 35 PhD students are enrolled at the Graduate School. Topics being studied currently can be seen under ongoing projects http://www.teo.au.dk/en/research/current.

Our PhD programmes consist of the following elements:
• Completion of an independent research project under supervision and preparation of a PhD dissertation based on the project.
• A course component corresponding to 30 ECTS.
• Acquisition of experience in teaching activities or other forms of communicating knowledge.
• An opportunity to work in a supportive research environment, including periods of study at other research institutions, mainly abroad, or by other means.

The most widely used language at the Graduate School is English. Our study environment features close, informal contact between supervisors and PhD students. Our teaching and IT facilities are of a very high standard, and our well-equipped library provides excellent resources for research activities. We attach great importance to the quality of supervision provided to PhD students. Our PhD supervisors therefore complete special courses in supervision.

Requirements for admission
Enrolment as a PhD student at the Graduate School is a prerequisite for being granted a PhD scholarship or fellowship. Enrolment is possible at two different stages:
• Applicants who hold a relevant BA degree of 180 ECTS and have, prior to 1 February 2010, satisfactorily completed courses corresponding to 60 ECTS of a relevant MA degree programme may apply for PhD scholarships and will, if successful, be enrolled into a 4-year dual MA/PhD degree programme (4+4).
• Applicants who hold a relevant BA degree of 180 ECTS and have, prior to 1 February 2010, satisfactorily completed a relevant MA degree consisting of at least 120 ECTS, may apply for PhD fellowships and will, if successful, be enrolled directly into a 3-year PhD degree programme (5+3).

In assessing applications, we focus on candidates’ ability to present an original and interesting research project that can contribute productively to one of our current research environments.

For successful candidates, Aarhus University can assist in finding suitable accommodation and in arranging any necessary work or residence permits. The Faculty of Theology provides office space and computer facilities.

Conditions for PhD scholarships and fellowships
Recipients of PhD scholarships and fellowships are entitled to free tuition and to a monthly payment for living expenses:
• A 4-year PhD scholarship consists of two parts. For the first two years (part A) the recipient receives a monthly payment (before tax) of approximately DKK 10,000. For the last two years (part B), the recipient is employed as a PhD research fellow and receives a monthly salary (before tax) of approximately DKK 28,000, including pension contributions. At the end of part A, a Danish MA degree is obtained. The transition from part A to part B requires that part A has been satisfactorily completed.
• The recipient of a 3-year PhD fellowship is employed as a PhD research fellow for three years and receives a monthly salary (before tax) of approximately DKK 28,000, including pension contributions. The holder of a fellowship (unlike the holder of a scholarship) will be expected to carry out duties equivalent to 840 working hours of teaching, communication of research, participation in research projects, etc.

Further information and contact details
For further information see Information for PhD applicants, where you will find the Faculty’s PhD regulations, or contact the Chair of the Graduate School, Troels Nørager (e-mail: tn@teo.au.dk, or tel: +45 8942 2243).

Application procedures
Applications for enrolment as a PhD student and for either a PhD scholarship or a fellowship must be submitted electronically through the University’s “self-service“ system. This will be available from 15 September 2009. See Guidelines for Application.

Deadline for submissions: Thursday 15 October 2009, 12.00 noon (Danish time).

Please mark your application: 2009-218/4-23.

Aarhus University offers a good and inspiring education and research environment for 35,000 students and 8,500 members of staff, who produce academic results of a high international standard. The budgeted turnover for 2009 amounts to EUR 700 million. The university’s strategy and development contract are available at www.au.dk.

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