Conference: Spirituality & Positive Psychology

Searching for the Meaning of Life; Bringing Peace to The Uncertain World is the theme of a conference to be held January 7 - 10, 2010, at Indonesia's Maranatha Christian University, located in Bandung, Indonesia. Learn more at their website, http://icos-ncopp.com/home/. For a variety of reasons -- the cultural exchange, the chance to meet scholars from this part of the world, and more -- I am seriously thinking about attending this meeting. This is a very unusual opportunity.


santhosh said...

I have a doubt. Will it be restricted to christianity only or is there chance for other religions too?

Michael Nielsen said...

I'm not involved with the conference, so I don't know the answer to your question. Contact the organizers. Although it is held at a Christian institution, Indonesia is a Muslim country. It seems unlikely to me that it is focused on Christianity, but the conference organizers should be able to address your question. Let me know what you learn from them. :-)