Religion's Impact on US States

For people with a more socio-political interest in religion:


The Impact of Religion on Politics and Policy in the American States

Guest Editors:
Paul A. Djupe, Denison University
Laura R. Olson, Clemson University

In a forthcoming volume in 2008-2009, State Politics and Policy Quarterly will publish a special issue dedicated to exploring the impact of religion on American state politics and public policy. The journal invites manuscripts from a wide range of theoretical and methodological perspectives whose authors take advantage of the American states as a research setting.

Manuscripts should illuminate the nature of religious influence on politics and policy, for which a comparative, multi-state design is particularly appropriate and powerful, while maintaining an emphasis on political outcomes. Political outcomes might include the appearance and fate of ballot measures, executive proposals, legislative behavior and statutory actions, dimensions of interest group activity, party and candidate behavior, electoral outcomes, public opinion, citizen participation in the policy process, and public policy implementation and effectiveness.

The deadline for paper submissions is September 15, 2008. All manuscripts received by this deadline will be reviewed. All submissions will undergo our double-blind, peer-reviewed process, and will also benefit from the regular editorial reviews by editors, David Lowery, Ronald Weber, and Richard Winters. Manuscripts should be a maximum of 35 pages long (inclusive), double spaced, and otherwise in accord with the general submission guidelines of SPPQ (available on the journal’s website: http://cspl.uis.edu/InstituteForLegislativeStudies/SPPQ/InstructionsContributors.htm).

Questions and submissions should be directed to Paul Djupe (djupe /at/ denison.edu), Laura Olson (laurao /at/ clemson.edu), or Richard Winters (sppq /at/ dartmouth.edu).
(Substitute the @ symbol for /at/ if you wish to contact one of the editors.)

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