Sexual Orientation and Religion at Georgia Tech

The question of state support of some religious beliefs over others is in news coming from Georgia Tech. According to the article, a federal judge has determined that materials used by the "Safe Space" program at the university promoted certain interpretations of religion over others, and in doing so were unconstitutional. The lawsuit was brought by two students who were backed by The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), a group that cites its core issues as being the sanctity of human life, traditional family values, and defending religious freedom.

Georgia Tech says that the Safe Space program no longer uses the materials that the students and ADF found objectionable; The ADF claims that other universities have comparable materials, and it vows to continue to fight against such materials. A lawyer and former university administrator critical of the court's decision is quoted as saying that while the ADF wishes to contribute to public discussion of religion, it appears as though the ADF actually wishes to use "the tools of law to shut down the other side." In all likelihood, we will hear more about this issue in the future.

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