Implications of Genetic Testing of Polygamous Parents

A book is planned regarding the ramifications of genetic testing being done by Texas authorities on the FLDS parents and children. The issue seems timely, and there are many social-psychological aspects that would seem relevant, such as stereotyping, ingroup-outgroup dynamics, and many others. Having done some research on people's views of polygamy, and written an op-ed commentary published in the Salt Lake Tribune on a related issue, I would like to write an essay for this book. Sadly, I'm overcommitted right now, and it isn't realistic for me to meet their deadline. Please, if you have thoughts on the issues, consider submitting it for inclusion in this volume. I would love to see some good psychological and social-scientific perspectives be included in this book.

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The Legal, Psychological, Anthropological, and Journalistic Ramifications
edited by Herbert Richardson
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Call for Essays

Texas state officials take 400 children from the parents of a fundamentalist Mormon group into "protective custody." A Texas court orders DNA testing of all the children to determine their biological parents before bussing them to destinations which, says the state, cannot be revealed.

These events are described in detail by the media but without background analysis or editorial comment. One might have anticipated an expression of outrage or at least a request for explanation. But, apparently these events are felt to be self-explanatory and morally tolerable (since they are perpetrated on people unlike ourselves).

Over the years, The Edwin Mellen Press, has published dozens of books which explain and defend new religions. Our goal is to stem the tide of thoughtlessness that pervades public opinion and dominates the news.

Therefore, we invite scholars to send us their essays on any aspect of the this Mormon issue: political, psychological, anthropological, journalistic, historical, and religious (3000-7500 words, before July 31). We will publish a selection of these essays in summer 2008.

Send your essay and CV to:
Herbert Richardson, Editor
The Edwin Mellen Press
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