Russia: Problems of Controlling Psycho-emotional Conditions

Psychologists at Astrakhan State University are hosting a conference devoted to psycho-emotional health, October 3-5, 2008. They invite your participation, either in person or by submitting a paper for publication in the conference proceedings.

I am convinced that meeting colleagues in other countries & cultures, and exchanging ideas with them about our common interests, is one of the most important ways that we can advance our understanding of psychology throughout the world. Encountering different perspectives encourages us to examine our own assumptions more critically.

Please, give serious thought to participating in this conference, even if "only" remotely, by sending a paper. Your work will be read eagerly by psychologists in Russia, and you will be rewarded with the chance to read some of their work as well. The cost is low, both in terms of the exchange rate and in terms of the time investment required to write an article for the conference. But the payoff can be great, as you expand your contact with psychologists in Russia and elsewhere.

Here are the details I have at this time:

Bld.20 A, Tatischeva Street, Astrakhan, 414056
Phone: (8512) 59-53-40, 61-08-63
E-mail: konfer-08@mail.ru

Dear colleagues!
On October 3-5, 2008 there will be an International scientific-practical conference «Problems of controlling a person`s psychoemotional condition», which will be held at the base of the psychological faculty of the Institute of pedagogics, psychology and social work of the Astrakhan State University.

The basic directions of the conference:
• Methodological problems of studying person's psychoemotional conditions.
• Crosscultural features of a person's psychoemotional conditions.
• Ecology and psychoemotional condition of a person.
• Controlling a person's psychoemotional condition: problems and ways of the decisioning.
• Ways and receptions of correcting a person's psychoemotional condition.
• Diagnostics of psychoemotional conditions of a person: problems and decisions.
• Process of socialization and a person's psychoemotional conditions.
• Technologisation of human life and his (her) psychoemotional condition.

Requirements of arranging an article.
Materials for the publication in the collection can be submitted to the Organizing committee of the Conference by two ways:
1. Disk with materials for the conference and a printed variant of the article (on the sheets of format А4) can be delivered to the address: Bld.20 A, Tatischeva Street, Astrakhan, 414056. Psychological service of ASU.
2. By e-mail: konfer-08@mail.ru
The application form for participating in the conference and materials of reports we ask you to send till May, 15, 2008.
The cost of the publication the materials – is 250 roubles for 1 page, the cost of dispatch - due to the author, for participants of the conference an organizational payment – is 200 roubles.
The volume of the article is up to 6 pages. A format of the text: Word for Windows - 97/98. A format of the page: А4. All the fields - on 25мм. A font: Times New Roman; 14 size (size). A line spacing: unary. A space of the first line - 1,25.
The name of the article - in the center, capital letters, a semiboldface font. Below, through an interval, lower case letters - the initials and a surname of the author and his e-mail (italics, a semiboldface font). On the next line in brackets - the country and city (italics, a semiboldface font). Below through an interval - the text of the article, in which figures, tables or circuits (a font - 12) are supposed.
Through an interval after the text of the article the list of the literature follows, which should be made out according to rules of the bibliographic description (GOST 7.1-2003), otherwise it is not published. References to the literature, which is used - intratext, for example, [6] or [6, with 3].
The text of the article is necessary to save in a separate file. The name of a file - a surname and the initials of the first author (without blanks).
You can get an information by phone or by e-mail: psy@aspu.ru (a theme: Conference).
The operative information can be found on a site
The invitation with the information about the program of the Conference will be sent to your address at receipt of the application.

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