Unique Opportunity: Kazan State University

I received word today of an unusual opportunity for psychologists to participate in the Third All-Russian Annual Training Conference. Although the conference will be held at Kazan State University, you need not be present there to be involved. You can participate from the comfort of your own office, as they are accepting submissions (up to 5 pages, single-spaced) for publication in the conference proceedings. You would miss the hospitality that comes with actually being in Kazan, but you gain a chance to share your knowledge with interested colleagues beyond your usual range of acquaintance.

For us in the west, participation in this form is very inexpensive, just 450 rubles (about $18, plus a fee for your bank to transfer the funds). The main impediment I see is that the conference is very rapidly approaching -- they need your materials by October 15th. If you have something "in progress" or in a form that might be easily adapted, consider participating. You will connect with colleagues that you have never met, and share your theories & results with people who might not easily encounter them. Who knows-- you might even find that it opens doors for you to travel there later. It was an opportunity like this that eventually led to my Ukrainian trip 10 years ago to attend a conference, one of the highlights of my career for the experiences I had and the friends I made.

The information I received follows. Please share word of this conference with others who might be interested.

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Russian Psychological Society,
Kazan State University,
Professional Psychotherapeutic League,
and the Interregional Institute of counseling and informatization


“The Challenges of the Age in terms of psychological and psychotherapeutic research and practice”

November, 22-23, 2007

The conference is devoted to the research and study of methodologies for new approaches, theoretical concepts and technological developments in the area of modern Russian society problem-solving.

Principal directions of the Conference:

1. Methodological problems of integration of psychological research and practice.
2. The problem of consciousness and mental states - theoretical and applied aspects.
3. Psychology of Subject - theoretical and applied aspects.
4. Psychology of terrorism.
5. Destructive addictions of the personality and methods of coping.
6. Group as an object of psychological impact: technologies, results, effects.
7. Working in extreme conditions - Psychological training of the subject.
8. Psychology of family crisis and recovery methods.
9. Individual and group counseling and psychotherapy.

Each direction includes work in sections, discussions, “round-tables”, master classes.

Chairman – L.M. Popov - Doctor of Psychological Science, professor, dean of KSU Psychological Department.
Executive Director – S.V. Petrushin. – Candidate of Psychological Science, associate professor of KSU Psychological Department.
Secretary – Y.V. Germashina.
Steering Committee – L.M.Abolin, Doctor of Psychological Science, professor; G.V.Akopov, Doctor of Psychological Science, professor; A.M. Karpov, Doctor of Medicine, professor; A.G.Leeders, Candidate of Psychological Science, associate professor; V.V.Makarov, Doctor of Medicine, professor; M.E.Burno, Doctor of Medicine, professor; V.D.Mendelevich, Doctor of Medicine, professor; S.V.Petrushin. Candidate of Psychological Science, associate professor; L.M. Popov - Doctor of Psychological Science, professor; A.O. Prokhorov, Doctor of Psychological Science, professor; V.N. Sgibov, Doctor of Medicine, professor; N.Y. Khusainova, Doctor of Psychological Science, professor; V.P.Fominykh, Doctor of Sociological Science, professor; A.I. Foukin, Doctor of Psychological Science, professor.

Application deadline – October, 15 2007.

email: vizov2007@mail.ru

Manuscripts for the sourcebook should meet following requirements:

Volume Max - 5 pages; format - MS Word; Font - Times New Roman; Font Size – 14; Space - single; margins – 2,5sm; first line offset – 1sm.

Publication cost – 450 roubles! Interregional Institute of counseling and informatization. Current Account: 40703810100000000246. Corresponding Account: 30101810300000000806. BANK: "BANK KAZANSKY”, KAZAN. TIN: 1657045306. TRRC: 165701001. RCBIK: 049205806

Application (attached to the manuscript on a separate sheet) should include the following information: Last Name, First Name, Patronymic Name, name of section, place of employment, job title, academic degree, postal address, contact phone number, fax number, e-mail.

Contact phone number: 8-9053-18-51-08 Angela

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