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At long last, I've decided to add a few sidebar links to connect you with other blogs that are related to the psychological study of religion. If you have a favorite blog or two that deals with psychology and / or religion, let me know about it. I'll add the best you suggest to my sidebar to help spread the word. Send me an email at
mnielsen /at/ georgiasouthern.edu
or leave a comment to this post, and I'll share the news with others.



Ted said...

There's a blog/website of the Journal of Psychology and Christianity, a publication of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, at www.thejpc.net

Michael Nielsen said...

Thanks Ted. Any others? :-)

Ted said...

This guy is really interesting:


This one isn't necessarily "related to the psychological study of religion," but he has some great posts, and is definitely worth reading:


especially this:


among others.

Thanks for linking to the JPC!

Ted said...
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