Christ vs. Christ Follower

In the US, Apple Computers has had an advertising campaign comparing their Mac with the PC. I find the commercials to be very humorous and creative, but perhaps I'm simply easily entertained. A parody of these commercials now compares being a Christian with being a Christ Follower. If you teach a class in Psychology of Religion, you may find these parodies to be a useful way of stimulating conversation in the class on such issues as identity, need for structure, or other concepts.


RTC said...

Pretty fun. An interesting movement - drawing a distinction between being a "Christian" and a "Christ-follower." Is there a website for this group?

RTC said...

Scratch that, found the website for the church that made it:

SAM said...

It is quite interesting the concept of believer in a Prophet of God, or in a follower of a "-ism".

The last ones are, many times, followers of rituals and not of way of life!

It really makes us think.

Michael Nielsen said...

Please be aware that it is my policy not to publish lengthy comments that promote a particular religious viewpoint. This blog is about psychological aspects of religion, and not intended to be used for religious debate. I know, it is a fine line, and maybe the distinction seems arbitrary to you, but this is the approach I'm taking in this blog. If you submitted a comment to this thread that I've rejected during the moderation process, you are welcome to contact me or to try rephrasing your idea.

Anonymous said...

Does the religion of(your)choice provide enlightenment? or some form of (capture)bondage.