Beyond Belief 2006

The internet is an astonishing resource, as evidenced by this conference that you can view online. Join me in watching some of the world's biggest names in science discuss matters of religion and belief. I've had time to view only Session 4, with Hameroff and Ramachandran, and can hardly wait to view the rest. There is a tremendous wealth of material here for personal study or for your class. The main disadvantage is that these are video streams, so you'll need a fast internet connection. The discussion is absolutely fascinating, and worth your time. Stop what you're doing and visit http://beyondbelief2006.org/Watch/. You'll be glad you did!


Edwardson said...

Since I only have dial up I downloaded all nine sessions (took almost a week!). A must-see indeed. Except for Hameroff's pretty wacky (if not pseudoscientific) hypothesis, I found all the other inputs worth listening to (even Atran's who first struck me as "enemy"). Ramachandran and Banaji's talks were some of the most delightful and enlightening. Harris and Dawkins of course were pretty much saying what they wrote in their most recent books.

I'm currently reading Daniel Dennett's Breaking the Spell. Quite an eye-opening book. I really wish the psychology of religion/belief could have more to offer to boost our understanding of religious beliefs, behavior, etc.

Anonymous said...

Just to emphasise what edwardson said, although these are video streams, you can download them to your computer for later viewing.
An excellent resource, and thanks to the organizers for making it available.