Welcome to the Psychology of Religion blog! Here I will post news, research summaries, and commentary from the psychology of religion. It serves as a supplement to my webpage, Nielsen's Psychology of Religion. I also will provide updates for students in my class at Georgia Southern University. Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions for topics or other comments.


SGT George Runkle said...

Dr Nielsen,

I am SGT George Runkle, a GA Southern student currently deployed in Iraq. I would love to chat religion with you sometime. Feel free to write me at george.runkleiv@us.army.mil I was raised catholic but am agnostic.

Michael Nielsen said...

Hi George! I'm happy to chat. I look forward to your email. My address is mnielsen[/at/]georgiasouthern.edu. Note that [/at/] stands for the @ symbol. I've placed that in my message in order to slow the spammers 'bots' that scour the net for email addresses.

Mona said...

Who knew that while browsing webpages hoping to find information complementary to my study of psychology, I would find a blog! I am myself a blogger, and I hope this new find will help me in psychology. If you, Dr... would get back to me, I would be glad to start a conversation, which I hope will be beneficial to the both of us.

Michael Nielsen said...

Hello Mona,

I'm happy to have a conversation with you. But as with George, I'd prefer to have the conversation by email. Send me an email at mnielsen at georgiasouthern dot edu